Donnie and the Wayrads

Donnie and the Wayrads

Formerly known as Other Hands, Donnie & the Wayrads have been performing throughout Northern and Central California since 1987. For any band to be steadily working for that long is an achievement, and is a testament to the band's talent, versatility and adaptability.

The goal of the band from the beginning has been to play music that makes people dance. The band is successful because of the range of songs they can cover. They have the ability to seemlessly segue from rock to funk to disco to heavy metal to country to whatever, allowing them to please all tastes in any audience.

Due to the band's longevity, their catalog of songs is staggering. In fact, they thrive on being challenged to play songs requested by the audience, and are rarely stumped. 

In 2004, Donnie & the Wayrads won the Best Blue Collar Band award presented by the Modesto Area Music Awards.

In 2008, longtime bassist Gary Mackenzie passed away after a long battle with cancer. Selected to fill those big shoes was local bassist Steve Christian, formerly of Universal Records recording artists Flying Blind.

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