Players Club

Welcome to the Club!

The Players Club at Black Oak Casino Resort is the easiest way to play the games you love while earning tiered rewards and special discounts at the same time. Signing up is fast and easy.


Or simply visit The Players Club during your next visit.

Using Your Players Card

The more you use your card, the quicker your points add up and the faster you'll gain access to special promotional events and activities.

How Do I Use My Players Club Card?

Slot Machine Play:
Before you begin to play any of your favorite slot or video machines, insert your Players Club Card into the receptor to activate.

Table Games:
Before you begin to play your favorite table game, present your Players Club Card to the Dealer, to ensure you'll be rated.

What are my points worth?
1,000 Points = $1.00

How Do I Earn Points?

Earning points is fun and easy.

Slot Machine Play:
$1.00 Bet = 2 Base Points
Video Poker
$1.00 Bet = 1 Base Point

Table Games:
Points are based on length of play, average bet and game type.

How Can I Use My Points?

You've earned them. Now redeem your points your way.

Ways to Redeem Points:

  • Convert to Free Play
  • Redeem for Cash
  • Redeem for Dining
  • Redeem for Entertainment
  • Redeem for Purchases at The Gift Basket

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